The Government Printery Credit Union Co-Operative Society Limited…

was registered on 28th November, 1956: having been incorporated by the Commissioner for Co-operatives Development.

On 04th July, 1966 an Inaugural General Meeting was held in the name of the Printing and Stationery Credit Union (Co-operative) Society Limited. Taking a quote from the first President Mr. Robert L. Felix, “A year ago the Printing and Stationery Credit Union awoke after a ten year slumber”. At this meeting the first Management Committee (Board of Directors) was formed.

The following members were elected:

  • ‌‌ Mr. Robert-Felix – President

  • ‌‌ Mr. John Mc Carthy – Vice President

  • ‌‌ Mr. Edward Persad – Secretary

  • ‌‌ Mr. Marshall Escayg – Treasurer

  • ‌‌ Mr. Fitzgerald Street – Member

  • ‌‌ Mrs. Cynthia Toney – Member

  • ‌‌ Ms. Jocelyn Persad – Member

  • ‌‌ Mr. Rudolph Hendrickson – Member

  • ‌‌ Mr. Saville Logan – Member

  • ‌‌ Mr. Matthew Welch – Member

  • ‌‌ Mr. Filmore Augustus – Member

  • ‌‌ Mr. Hugh Mason – Member

At this Inaugural General Meeting, Mr. Robert L. Felix, the then President, was happy to boast, that from 30 pioneers in 1956, the membership now stands at 155 persons. The total Assets were recorded as $9,851.622, with $8,659.13 being represented as shares; while $4,954.48 were recorded as loans to members as a liability, the rest of the monies were recorded as cash in hand and cash in bank.

The late sixties to present saw the Government Printery Credit Union, seeing several leaders coming to the fore-front.

Among the distinguished men and woman who has served as our President through the year are:

  • ‌‌ Mr. Robert-Felix

  • ‌‌ Edward Persad

  • ‌‌ Cecil Hutchinson

  • ‌‌ Marshall Escayg

  • ‌‌ Calito Smith

  • ‌‌ Samuel Edwards

  • ‌‌ Cynthia Howell

  • ‌‌ Leo Alleyne

  • ‌‌ Anothony Knights

  • ‌‌ Kingsley Hinkson

  • ‌‌ Bevil Phillanders

Today the Government Printery Credit Union is a union of two credit unions having merged its operations with the now defunct Gordonius Credit Union. This joining of operations occurred in January 2016. Our credit union is in the process of obtaining a name change from which it will become known as GPCU Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited.










‌ Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by the general membership of the Credit Union and these persons must be an upstanding member.

‌ Supervisory Committee

The Committee is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the financial practises and procedures are adhered to, thereby… 

‌ Credit Committee

The Credit Committee meets weekly, on a Monday to deal with new loans requests, as well as, to sign off on Manager’s Loans. To evaluate…


Education Committee

The Committee is mandated to focus on the building of confidence within its membership by providing activities and materials…

Strategic Planning/HR Committee

To provide strategic and Human Resource oversights by making recommendations to the Board of Directors for the overal….

Facility Management Committee

The facility management committee provide general maintenance of the physical facility.

Website Content Management

To manage and control information input and general management of web content.

Youth Arm Committee

A newly formed committee to mobilize our young members for succession planning.

Nominations Committee

Established in accordance with bye Law 33 for the purpose of screening and selecting of…

Bye Laws & Policy Review Committee

To provide an ongoing review and proposed amendments to the Board of Directors for any changes to the existing Bye-law…



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