The Benefits of Membership

Great Financial Services

The GPCU Credit unions provide a place for members to save at above market rates; as well as get loans at reasonable rates. The product/services at Credit Union are generally generic in nature, but may vary slightly from credit union to credit union. At GPCU our products/services are tailored to meet members’ needs. This is also a place where the members’ democratic rights are respected. As a member, you have a responsibility to attend all Annual General Meeting and a right to vote of matters that may affect you. Our Products/Services include:

  • Share Saving Account with high returns in investments
  • High interest rates on savings accounts: Vacation/Education/Christmas Plan Savings
  • Fixed Deposits Accounts that pays a maximum of 2% interest per annum
  • Golden Harvest Savings Accounts
  • Financial Education and Financial Literacy counseling services
  • Low interest rates on mortgages for real estate and vehicle loans

Personal Attention

Because of the superior personal attention they we give to our members, The GPCU Credit Union has consistently gain respect for customer satisfaction when compared to banks.

With our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives, you are guaranteed to be treated like family. Our staff will work with you to make your financial transactions as easy and convenient as possible, in order for you to achieve your financial goals.

Better Rates and Lower Fees

The GPCU Credit union has consistently past on our “profits” to our members, through dividends. Because our goal is to keep our shareholders happy, we are able to offer, on average, better rates and lower fees. In fact, we are currently offering higher rates on share savings and deposit certificates, than the commercial banks and other financial intermediary; and much lower rates on our loans. And your savings are insured up to $75,000 by CUNA so your money is safe and secure.